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La Femme Nikita
Season Three

3.20 "Three Eyed Turtle"
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  • Episode Number: 64
  • Original Air Date: August 15, 1999
  • Written by: Maurice Hurley
  • Directed by: Jon Cassar
  • Guest Cast:
    • Kris Lemche (Hillinger)
    • David Hemblen (George)
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Detailed summary
Greg Hillinger proves to be just too cocky for his own good when his laziness costs a loyal operative his life. Birkoff covers for him, and is rewarded by Greg setting him up to be killed. When Birkoff survives, and can prove Hillinger's trechary, Hillinger is placed in abeyance. However, Nikita has a hard time seeing the boy she shadow recruited into the Section killed after only a year, despite Hillinger's repeated attempts on Birkoff's life. Meanwhile, Operations continues to use and abuse Madeline, who appears to have had quite enough and strikes a dangerous bargain with George. But as always, nothing in Section is quite what it seems.

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